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"The best part of Wellness is talking to staff about what's going on in my family and they help me through it."

Imagine a therapeutic service centered on individual treatment plans that brings fun and purpose to a weekend. Our Wellness program is an intentional, clinical, and focused service that is crafted to be a unique experience every weekend for the kids who attend. We serve about 400 kids each year through both our Wellness homes and community-based services.



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"It's tough to go through but i know it is all worth it."

The Building Healthy Families (BHF) program provides families an opportunity to work on their individual and family goals in a therapeutic, supportive environment. Families can choose to participate in the entire program (learning home and in-home services) or choose to receive in-home services exclusively. 



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"I appreciate having the same counselor to talk to and being able to be myself and fully trust."

The Counseling program provides individual, marriage, and family services tailored to the unique needs of each individual, couple, or group. Our clinicians work with people of all ages in their homes and/or the community where it best benefits the client.