strengthen families

In the beginning our idea was simple, "strengthen families." For over 15 years we have worked in a unified effort with the individuals we serve to help make our world a better place, one family at a time. Over the years we have been impacted greatly by the community we serve and hope to have made a positive difference in their lives as well. We believe that treatment should be client-focused, with an emphasis on valuing the importance of relationship and self-determination, to empower the individual toward their own definition of wellness.

We want to be known as an agency that provides compassionate, culturally sensitive, and strength-based services to help clients identify their treatment needs and exceed their goals. Our services are clinically-focused, treatment plan based, and supported by measurable outcomes. Red Mountain Behavioral Health Services is truly a unique agency comprised of a family of staff that are some of the best people on earth! We can't wait to start our journey together.

Together we will Bring Hope, Heal Lives, and Serve Others.  

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Sarah Ruane
Chief Executive Officer